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Construction and manufacturing of reflective high performance roof coating and its associated restorative weather resistant, energy efficient products, services, and systems is one of the fastest growing and profitable businesses in the world today.

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    June 9 2008

    "Going Green roof coating process saves lots of green & establishes the new benchmark by raising the standard of excellence in the roofing industry as seen in the

    Miami Herald, Chicago Tribune, the Wall Street Journal"

    Capt Anthony Maurer Emt-b founder of The Original Liquid Applied Rubber Roof Shield System said " we were all very pleased with the findings of the uplift test, It Surpassed Dade County roof code that was re-established after hurricane Andrew by 5xs the maximum code requirement, and tested on 30 plus year old barrel tile roof we sealed." The Roof Shield System has been tested successfully in the field under Florida Roof Testing Inc; authorized supervising owner agent Fred Hernandez utilizing the TAS-106 uplift test and found to add extreme wind resistance and restores roof systems that otherwise would have to be replaced. We understand the long term investor protects the liquidity of their real estate holdings, with the severe weather impacting nearly everywhere.

    Jason Sosnick, Financial analyst & economist for the Rockwell Foundation of New York said," the Bear Sterns crisis was a wakeup call, specific aspects to the real estate & finance dilemma mean higher insurance rates that have squeezed the overall market condition and the experts agree will take years to recover.

    Max Mayfield former director of the National Oceanic & Atmospheric Society agrees that global warming has a direct impact on the increase of activity that produces hurricanes, hurricane force winds, tornadoes and flooding conversely our products that are being introduced as a consequence of this change will be of the utmost importance.

    Javier Mandry economic & logistics major graduate of the university of Florida, VP of the 3rd generation, family owned construction and real estate development Co in Puerto Rico with over 50 million in assets said," until construction designs catch up to the increase in hurricane activity "these high strength light weight products to add to the existing structures will invariably become an ever increasing in demand, an alternative to expensive replacements to protect against the unusual weathering and the unprecedented economic real estate factors that we have had to adjust for."

    Underwriters Laboratory is completing the tests on the Roof Shield System, Ron Tuttle Director of Initiative Green, funded by the Environmental Protection Agency to assess and discover new and improved construction systems and product designs said," the reflectivity of these types of coatings are of immense value to the providers of energy and the concessions made available to them, as well as the end user, property owner namely because it decreases the energy consumption to keep the home cool and at the same time provides a level of protection that similar structures without this additional seamless membrane would suffer the higher energy expense.

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