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South Florida waterproofing

Our roof painting company is a cooperative of manufacture and Licensed Florida Roof Coating Contractor. Premium Liquid 100% Acrylic Applied Rubber Coatings out-perfom any of the competitions roof repairs. Have a professional roof coating contractor install Roof Shield Liquid Rubber on your residential or commercial roofing today. In house roof sealant Contractor service is BBB A+ Rated, celebrating our 25 th year in 2019.

Roof Waterproofing Professionals

Before you re roof or replace your roof try or service, Our Company provides roof maintenance on all types of roof structures, our professional waterproofing services include: roof cleaning, roof painting, flat tile roof waterproofing, flat roof restoration and roof waterproofing services.We are a licensed roof coating and roof painting contractors near me (you) and manufacturer a variety of roof waterproofing Products. Roofprotect flat roof and roof tile sealers restore, protect and preserve your roof surfaces against harmfull suns uv rays,wind,water and severe weathering.

Professional Roof Seal Coating

Home of The Original Rubber Roof Shield Coating System, our product's proved their strength and durability by protecting homes in your area from real Hurricane force winds and water damage produced by Hurricane George, Wilma , Katrina and most recently Irma, professiona Roof Seal Coating Solutions are the answer

Elastomeric Roof Painting in Miami Dade County Fl, Ft Lauderdale Broward County Fl , Davie Fl, Pembroke Pines FL, Sunrise Fl, Hollywood Fl, Palm Beach County Fl, Martin County Fl, Port St Lucie Fl, Fort Pirece Fl., St Johns County Fl, St Augustine Fl

Benefits of Elatomeric Roof Coatings

That are designed specifically for roof waterproofing, Stops Roof Leaks, Replaces Misiing and Broken Tile, Protects up to 150 mph, Surpasses Sate Code Requirments, Reduces Insurance Claims, saves on Energy Bills, makes roofs several times stronger than new, at one third to one half the cost of re roofs or roof replacements and starts paying for itself the moiment they are installed.

Recent Success Update Testimonials after Hurricane Irma: Commercial Flat Roof Waterproofing on Three flat roofs with Rubber Roof Shield before Irma for an Attorney and realistate Investor: Mr.Ahktar Hussaine Esq, he maybe reached @ 305-541-2200, The images of Omar Mart in Pembroke Pines is one of the first projects undertaken for this client, look on the top of the page (revolving images), the one with the all the Ac Systems, sealed in 2014.


Note: Check the manufactures products resistance to ponding water before you purchase, this is the area were the rubber meets the road, the litmus test of the integrity of the coating and its ability to really weatherproof anything. Some popular "Named Brands" have got into this nitch aspect and here our findings.

PRODUCT NAME: , Any Roof Waterproofing.
LIMITATIONS: Look for "Not for use under heavy ponding water or below grade applications."

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Structual Repairs must be undertaken prior to appplication of our products.

Our roof sealants are manufactured here locally and were originally designed to be applied to virtually any type of roof or wall structure, literally you will save thousands on unnessesary roof replacements and roof repairs.

"Extend the life of your property, preserve and protect its value, the utilization of a unique proprietary manufacturing process that produces pure liquid Rubber Acrylic without water, fillers, thickeners or extenders that still remains efficient, environmentally safe and is a technological breakthrough in the industry.

Please see our three main systems below:

Fungal Shield Clear

  • "Save Your Tiles" Rejuvinates the look of the Tiles.
  • Sheds water, prevents staining & UV protection
  • Guaranteed mildew resistant, less cleaning required.
  • 5Y Product Warranty

Smart Shield Color "Our Most Popular System ever "

  • Our Smart Shield Colors Now 23 % more reflective "Cool Pigment Technology"
  • Non Seamless, looks the same when done, just like new.
  • FP&L says it Saves on cooling costs.
  • Waterproofs the tiles, protects them against wind driven rain and is mildew proof.
  • Adds surfaces durability and strength.
  • Prevents Tile Damage do to chipping, cracking and premature color fading.

Roof Shield

  • Premium Roof Tile Retrofit
  • Dade County Tas-106 Uplift pull tested system.
  • 5xs Stronger than a new roof and 1/2 the cost.
  • Maintenance Free, lifetime product warranty
  • Prevents Damage form hurricane force winds
  • Transferable & renewable warranty
  • Additional roof life certification for up to 10 Years on 50+Y/0 Roofs.

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Purchase our products and weatherize your cement tile roof by completely rejuvenating it with our advanced rubber roof coatings, so instead of a new tile roof installation, save your tiles, time and your money Rubber Roof Shield It Today!

Think you need a complete roof replacement in Davie or you have to call a Roof Key word search terms continued, Repair Contractor in Davie, Roof Contractor in Broward County Fl, Roofers in Davie, Pembroke Pines, Sunrise, Fort Lauderdale or Pompano Beach to simply increase your exiting roof insulation, just apply our pure white rubber roof paint coating that start paying for themselves the moment thier insalled because of the advanced energy efficient roof paint technology. Reflective rubber roof coatings on your existing cement tile roof or flat roof will really help you save on your energy bills, FP&L said, "it can save on average a 22% per year on your electric bill".

Considering using Home Depot roof paint products, better choose to Rubber Roof Shield products instead and at less than 1/2 the cost.of roof replacements.

Transform your asphalt shingle roof with our asphalt rubber roof coating that has proven it restores, protects and preserves roofs for years.

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