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Recent Success Update Testimonials after Hurricae Irma: Three Commercial Flat Roofs with exiting Leaks Rubber Roof Shielded before Irma for an Attorney and realistate Investor: Mr.Ahktar Hussaine Esq, he maybe reached @ 305-541-2200, The images of Omar Mart in Pembroke Pines is one of the first projects underatken for this client, look on the top of the page (revolving imgages), the one with the all the Ac Systems, sealed in 2014.

Paul Cipolline
3101 S.W. 18th St
Davie Fl.

Helped to acquire homeowners insurance 7-10-07

In 2004 my home insurance firm notified me that my coverage was going to be dropped, the new carrier Tower Hill insurance Group (out of Gainesville Florida) required a roof inspection in order to qualify to be underwritten for the new policy. I had an older shingle roof and it needed something.
First of all I wasn’t really budgeted for a re-roof however I had to pass the re-inspection to get my wind storm policy enforce again. So fortunately I found the solution,it seemed to be a good wind & water resistant protective paint coating, system so I had the advanced Roof protect rubber paint products applied.. A second inspection on the roof received a passing grade and I was reinsured through the Tower Hill Insurance group In my eyes I considered to have much more than a new roof, I could see that it far exceeded my previous shingle roof. I could still see the shape of the shingles, and it looked really good, and then a little while later I started to notice that my electric bill was considerably less than before. Then Hurricane Wilma hit our area in 2005 and all the homes in my neighborhood had large sections of tiles blown away but mine was completely intact. The story goes on soon thereafter my Insurance company Tower Hill Insurance tore there rear view mirror off and ran like hell out of Florida and I had to get re-insured again, I was going to have to get another carrier and re-inspection, so I decided to call Citizens Insurance company and subsequently there roof examination passed with flying colors and was picked up by them a few days later. I continue to enjoy my Roof Shielding System to this day I’m truly indebted to the owner for, his great product and the overall incredible value I received.

Paul J Cipolline

Scott Zimmerman

5046 SW 93rd Ave Cooper City, Fl 33328 After this busy 2005 Hurricane season I would like to inform you that my roof could not have stood up any better.
As you know I live in a half duplex in Cooper City and I used your Roof coating Products on my 40yr old flat concrete tile roof. The outcome was phenomenal. Not only did my roof survive 2 direct hits from Hurricanes Katrina and Wilma I did not lose a tile or have a leak. My neighbors who are attached and was asked to coat theirs as well, did not and had all sorts tiles fly off. I told them to use your products and now they will pay the expensive cost for repairs, which I will not have to do. Anyone needing another way to secure and presrve your roof tiles you should definitely use your products. Proof is seeing for your and believes me I saw for myself. Again thanks your product saved me thousands of dollars.

Scott Zimmerman

Don Godshall (Previus Owner)

( UPDATE 1-11-18) This roof was resealed a year ago for the new owner, 12 years + and Irma recently and its performing great and looks like the day we originally Roof Shielded it in 2004, you may contact the new owner Arlene Kalb for details @ 954-440-2569
5651 Thornbluff Ave.
Davie FL

Ivan Hoe Waterford Community 1-75 & Griffin 120 + mile an hour high wind burst area, 2 to 12 year old roofs.

Out of 4164 sq ft of flat (broom swept) cement tile "I'm the only roof on Thorn bluff that did not lose any cement tiles or sustained any damage what so ever on my roof"
After Wilma roared through here my roof was still perfect. I saw all my neighbors lost tiles except me and It still looked like the day they did the job "We heard the tiles hitting the walls and the roof throughout the night and early morning, the wall on the south west exposure had my next door neighbors tiles laying in pieces against it on the ground, there were visible marks on the wall however I didn't see any marks or damage on the roof; they probably just bounced off."

Cordially Yours,
Don Godshall
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Gus Irazarry
3250 N.E.9th Terrace
Pompano Beach, FL

3500 sq. ft of flat cement tile.

About five years ago I painted my roof with the Liquid rubber although I was very skeptical. It was really put to the test by hurricane Wilma.I did not lose a single roof tile, unlike many of my neighbors. The roof on my next home will definitely be getting your roof coating protection.
Thank you for the quality of your product you have earned a customer for life

Respectfully Yours,
Gus Irazarry

Haunz Reiter
6321 W. Broward Blvd
Plantation, FL

I am a do it yourselfer so I applied the coating to stop some leaks from last year, I had no more trouble with the roof after the rubber roof paint was applied. Then Hurricane Wilma knocked down some large trees onto our roof, we had to have a crane remove one of them, they said it may have weighed over 2 tons. When they removed the main tree the area it had been laying on crushed the tile, but the pieces were all held together by the coating and it was surprisingly easy to repair. In spite of the enormous impact of the trees to our amazement we did not have any major issues. Thank you for the product you provided me and my family I feel much safer knowing your roof coatings are on my house than not. I recommend your products whenever I get the chance, lately that has kept me very busy.

Haunz Reiter

Gregg Roberti
3340 N 72nd Terrace
Hollywood FL.

2000 SQ FT Shingle tile

I'm a teacher of Real-estate investment strategies at a major university, after having experienced this past years storms I can tell anyone who wants to know that paying for your real-estate twice is not good business. Seeing my neighbors shingles all over my yard made me feel grateful that I had your roof paint coating system installed on my roof just a few months before.No problems here at all, thanks again.

Cordially Yours,
Gregg Roberti

Linda Spade
4140 SW 56th Ave
Davie FL.

I am thrilled with the roof coating treatment fortunately it was finished prior to Hurricane Wilma during the 2005 Hurricane season. My neighbors all had roof damage, tore shingles and debris were everywhere in the neighborhood. My roof was not damaged at all thanks to your Weatherizing rubber paint, Not only do I feel that it protects my roof shingles from wind and rain damage but it also appears to help insulate my house saving me money on electricity bills. I have been so pleased with your product Thank you for providing much more than I could have ever imagined.

Cordially Yours,
Linda Spade

John Bieger
732 Coquina Court,
Boca Raton, FL.

I decided to try the trade-marked patent pending roof coatings to my roof
These considerations influenced my decision: The final product is easily restored without a repeat of the initial prep work. The product is a top coating which flows protectively over joints and protrusions. The job is done quickly and with little mess. The alternatives are disruptive, expensive, very time consuming,

Respectfully Yours,
John Biege

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