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12399 Pembroke Rd, Pembroke Pnes Fl, 33025, (10,000 sq ft'), Bur Flat deck, Omar Mart.

2465 NW 7th Street Miami Fl, 33125, ( 3000 sq ft'), 2 story office building, Bur Flat Deck, including eyebrows.

Day Care Center Miami Fl, (5000 sq ft'), 2 story Bur Flat deck.

Owner: Akhtar Hussaine Pa (305)- 541-2200

2771 NE 15th Street Fort Lauderdale FL, 33304, (2 Story 6000 sq ft') of Flat Cement tile roof, icluded total facia board restoration.

Property Manager Office 954-586-4880 X 300 Fax 954-590-8971

3070 NW 38th Terrace Oakland Park, FL Flat Cement Tile 7,500 sq ft' flat cement tile Roof Shield Coating Installed on Club House.

1880 Griffin Road Dania, FL Flat Metal Roof 30,000 Sq ft', Installed 2003 , "Hurricane Wilma did not lift off the roof"
"The only damage was a 300 lb sign flew over our building and landed on the roof" said the previous owner: Dick Lapoint (561)-370-7814 Ext 505 Proeperty aquired in 2013 by the new Broward County Aviation Division

4130 South Federal Hwy Ft Lauderdale, FL Flat Roof, Tar & Gravel 7,500 Square Feet Installed.

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